Six people stood opposite of them. Five men and a woman, and all of them were Late Divine Core warriors. The leading man seemed to be in his fifties, and he was at the peak of the Divine Core realm, no weaker than Daoist Black. A force like this could really go many places within the Eastern Continent without many obstacles.

These six people also had weird appearances. The woman was carrying a lute, and her hair was tied in a braid that pointing towards the sky. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but relate her to Murong Xiaorou, but this woman was much prettier than her, at least she had a curvy and seductive body. A lute was drawn onto her pretty face, which caused her to look kind of ferocious, but at the same time, giving her a touch of a wild beauty.

The rest of the men also had all kinds of weird appearances, causing people to think they were some upright men.

Mang Third was born with crossed eyes, and he kept blinking while he was talking, giving people an impression that there was something wrong with his mind.


They are from the Qing Province, the fifth biggest province in the Eastern Continent, and they’re a group of really strong warriors. No one really dares challenge them, and they have been acting like tyrants in the Qing Province. Rumors say that this group offended a Combat Soul warrior from a big sect in the Qing Province, and out of anger, the Combat Soul warrior sent one of them to Inferno Hell by force. The remaining six weirdoes flew from the Qing Province, and were never seen again.

When the Six Heroes of Mount Mang found out their seventh brother had been killed by Jiang Chen from the Black Sect, they immediately rushed to the Black Sect. None of them knew anything about the major change that had occurred in the Qi Province. In their minds, although Jiang Chen was strong, with their combined strength, unless it was a Combat Soul warrior who personally fought them, they wouldn’t find any match in the Divine Core realm.

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