Dragon-Marked War God Wikia
Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

Aside from his cultivation, his body is tyrannical. For those of his same cultivation level, he doesn’t even need to waste energy to face them. Just with his body, he can very easily conquer opponents of his same cultivation level and even potentially those with higher cultivation levels than him.

  • A lot of this is attributed to his dragon characteristics from his Dragon Transformation skill.
  • He has undergone heavenly tribulation in earlier realms and used it as an opportunity to train his fleshly body.
  • Ingested many pills to strengthen his foundation and physique (ex. nine-solar lightning dragon pill).
  • Since his body is so strong, it is almost impossible for someone of the same or close cultivation to even scratch him. Even in worst-case scenarios, his dragon transformation skill has a self-repair ability that can heal him in a speed visible to the naked eye.