One of the four big sects of the Qi Province


The only difference here was the Valley of Happiness. The amount of disciples from the Valley of Happiness was only half of the the other sects , and the majority of them were girls. These girls were wearing a variety of colorful, patterned dresses. All of them were both sexy and seductive.

Some female disciples even exposed parts of their bodies, wearing nothing but a thin transparent shirt. Their curves and sexy bodies could easily be seen. Which caused blood to start running out people’s noses as soon as they witnessed these girls.

Besides, the female disciples from the Valley of Happiness are were very slutty, by using their seduction skills they managed to get a lot of support from the different powers, resulting in the Valley of Happiness having deep roots in the Qi Province. There were even some disciples from the other three sects who enjoyed affairs with the disciples of the Valley of Happiness.

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