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Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

It is a special domain located in the void, in an independent space creating a link to three different World. Besides the Saint Origin World, two more links were created. One was linked to Boundless World and the other was linked to Black Yellow World.

It is a world formed by two special elements, the dark and light element.

In this world, there are men who can absorb the dark element for their cultivation and enhance their physique. They are called the Dark Generation.”

In the Void Triangular Domain, the dark energy provides support to the Dark Generation in their cultivation. As for the True Meta Stone, it is derived from the light energy. Fundamentally, it is useless in Dark cultivation. So, they are using the massive amount of True Meta Stones to trade with the other cultivators of different worlds. Furthermore due to the restriction of conditions and physique, there is no alchemist, blacksmith and beasts in the Dark Generation.”

Dark Generation is divided into two groups, the rich and the poor.

The imperial kinsmen are the highest ruler.

Cities :

  • Dark King City where the imperial kinsmen of the Dark Generation resided. mentioned ch.806
  • Dark Shadow City
  • Dark Surge City
    • Rank 2nd City beside King City in Void Triangular Domain.