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She wore a tight black dress which exposed a large amount of skin around her neck; she had two bumps on her chest which portrayed a wild beauty capable of making any man drool. She had long dark hair that seemed silky smooth and neat that fell to her waist. Her face was covered with a thin black veil, preventing her extraordinary face from being seen.

This girl had a pair of dazzling eyes that looked like the brightest stars in the night sky. No splendor seemed capable of covering her breathtaking radiance. Even Jiang Chen who had seen many beauties in his life had to admit that this girl truly deserved the title of the prettiest girl in the Southern Continent.

Wu Ningzhu’s beauty was different from Yan Chenyu. Yan Chenyu was like an icy lotus, holy and ethereal, pure as the purest crystal, whereas Wu Ningzhu was a girl full of wild beauty. Any casual movement made by her seemed so charming; she was like a rose that bloomed independently, unleashing varieties of colors at will. This was truly a lady worth dying for.


Meeting her in the Southern Continent, they had a spar. When Jiang Chen eventually removes her veil, she considers herself as his wife.

She vowed to herself that if a man takes off her veil, then she must:
  1.Kill him.
2.If she cannot kill him, then she must kill herself.
3.Marry him.

Gu Mu interrupted the wedding of Jiang Cheng and Wu Ningzhu in order to bring her back to the Gu Family.[1]

Jiang Chen accidentally met her when he first came to Eastern Profound Domain (after second split up) to sell his treasure. Fu Tian wanted to take her virginity and increase his strength. When Fu Tian first wanted to touch her body, she was saved by Jiang Chen.[2]

In Divine World, her soul was seriously injured. Jiang Chen gave her a "Jade Marrow Soul Seed" that could heal her. When she was healing her wounds, suddenly Yan Qingcheng let out a scream and fled, as Yun Geyao took control of her body. Jiang Chen immediately pursued her, leaving Wu Ningzhu in the room alone. In the end, Jiang Chen could not save Yan Qingcheng and she escaped, since Yun Geyao was too strong. But when he returned to Wu Ningzhu's room, she fled, because her body was also taken under control. According to Kouxiang Zhenyi, he suggested that Divine Soul Great Emperor took control of her body because "Jade Marrow Soul Seed" was his guard treasure.[3]

The legendary Empress Xiao Yao is the strongest female Sovereign in the ancient times.[4]