A Late-Stage Combat Soul and sworn brother of Emperor Wu Jiu. He travelled to Inferno Hell after Wu Ji'us whereabouts stopped there after 3 years waiting. He spent 7 years searched everywhere, not knowing that Wu Jiu was trapped. Finally rejoining, he helped Jiang Chen to defeat the Earth Devil. Before parting, Xuan Ye wanted to invite Jiang Chen to join the, but was stopped by Wu Jiu before more information was given.

He went to the Black sect by the order of his friend with herbs, hoping to repay a little for what Jiang Chen had done for them. He scared Black Daoist with his cultivation Stage and interrupted Jiang Chen's time with Yan Chenyu, who quickly forgave him when he saw who came for him. Giving Jiang Chen the herbs, he was confident that Yan Chenyu would be healed and wake up in no time. Upon hearing about the Nine yin meridians and the need of Nine solar holy water, he told them about Blissful Island.


A ghostly figure suddenly appeared in the sky. It was a man who looked to be in his forties, and he wore a bronze colored robe. From his expression, one could tell he was an overbearing man. He had a pair of bright eyes, like an eagle, causing anyone who looked into his eyes to feel fear from the bottom of their heart.

The middle-aged man had his gray hair tied up in a bun, and he moved in a ruthless manner. He was actually a Combat Soul warrior.


Cultivation Chapter
Early Combat Soul 244
Middle Combat Soul 367
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