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Genius of the Yan family, she is the daughter of Yan Zhan Yun, She was born with Nine Yin Meridians and the Nine-Yin body inherited from ancient times.This kind of body was so rare that it might not even appear once every ten thousand years.


The young girl was wearing a long white skirt with a purple silk belt tied around her waist. She had a perfectly curved body. Her hair was silky smooth, falling down to her shoulder. She had a pair of bright eyes and pure white teeth. Her lips were perfect, and even without any makeup, her appearance didn’t have a single flaw. But, what made her undeniably beautiful was not only her appearance. Her eyes were as crystal clear as the purest water; she was just like a clean white sheet of paper, absolutely flawless.


Innocent and naive because of her sheltering as young. She quickly changed to become more similar to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow while traveling with them and starting killing her way to greatness.


Genius daughter of the Yan family. when she was 7, she was regarded as a peerless cultivator, until she fell ill. the so-called illness was actually her nine yin meridians forming. by consuming the wrong medicinal fruit, she would eventually die at 15 years old. thanks to Jiang Chen, she was healed, forming her last yin meridian and breaking through.


While being a disciple at the black sect with Jiang Chen, she cut her heart line so she wouldn't be sullied by Fan Kun. Thanks to having the nine yin meridians, her life held on long enough for Jiang Chen to keep her alive longer with the Profound Six solar pill (chapter 188).

In the immortal World, MC found her inside the Immortal Burying Coffin.

It was later reveled that her past self was Empress Nine Yin, the daughter of the Immortal Execution King.


  • Three Feet Deep Ice Sheet
  • Dark Ice Energy
  • Ice cage
  • Freezing Confinement
  • Profound Yin Palm
  • The Ice God’s Physique. Nine Yin Rivers


  • Xiao Yu must be in that hidden spatial zone. The spatial zone of the Inferno Hell. In the ancient battlefield.
  • Profound Ice Beast!”It was conceivable that when the beast wanted to refine Yan Chenyu, due to the suppression of the heart of Ice God, it was in turn refined by Yan Chenyu.[1]
  • She was the female corpse in the Immortal Burying Coffin with the Immortal Execution Order in the Immortal world[2]