A young woman who looked to be in her twenties, dressed in a long light blue dress, with a straight waist-length dark hair and some strands of hair touched her delicate face due to the breeze, natural-red lips and a pair of gem-like glittering eyes.


Cultivation Chapter Combat Prowess
Earth Immortal - Late Stage 1063 +0,5 Stage
Heaven Immortal - Early Stage 1204 +0,5 Stage
Heaven Immortal - Late Stage (Peak) 1239 +0,5 Stage
Half-Step Divine King 2578 +1 Stage
Divine King - Middle Stage 2648 +1,5 Stages
Hierarch - Early Stage 3058 +1 Stage
Divine Emperor - Early Stage 3124 +1 Stage
God Emperor - Late Stage 3811 +1 Stage



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