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A young woman who looked to be in her twenties, dressed in a long light blue dress, with a straight waist-length dark hair and some strands of hair touched her delicate face due to the breeze, natural-red lips and a pair of gem-like glittering eyes.


Cultivation Chapter Combat Prowess
Earth Immortal - Late Stage 1063 +0,5 Stage
Heaven Immortal - Early Stage 1204 +0,5 Stage
Heaven Immortal - Late Stage (Peak) 1239 +0,5 Stage
Half-Step Divine King 2578 +1 Stage
Divine King - Middle Stage 2648 +1,5 Stages
Hierarch - Early Stage 3058 +1 Stage
Divine Emperor - Early Stage 3124 +1 Stage
God Emperor - Late Stage 3811 +1 Stage


  • She has fallen for Jiang Chen and before his departure, she confessed and tell him that she wants to be with him, no matter where he wished to go, as long as she was to his side, she'll be happy. Even if he has already two women. She didn't mind at all. But in the end, she got rejected and Jiang Chen asked her to forget about him, that he was just a passerby.
  • Yuan Chengjun tried to rape her, but Jiang Chen managed at the last moment and saved her.[1]
  • They met once more not too much later in the Evil Abyss. She was being pursued by Lascivious Young Master's henchmen. Luckily for her, Jiang Chen appeared at that moment and saved her.
  • Fu Kui took her hostage to lure Jiang Chen out of Great Qian Empire [2]
  • Several of Fu Kui's allies wanted to rape her before Jiang Chen's eyes. Big Yellow managed at the last moment and saved her [3]
  • She was taken away by some Divine Phoenix. [4]
  • When Jiang Chen first saw her in the Divine World, her body was completely controlled by Yun Geyao from Buddha Long Xian (Central Region Divine Land).
  • She pretended that her memory had been restored[5] to take Jiang Chen's Silver Dragon Fruit and nearly killed Jiang Chen & Mo Ling Dongchen.[6]
  • Jiang Chen scattered the soul of Yun Geyao and Yan Qingcheng completely regained freedom.[7]
  • When Jiang Chen went to Western Extremity Divine Region to find Tyrant Yun Geyao again took control of Yan Qingcheng’s body and her strength instantly reached "Divine Emperor/God Sovereign - Early Stage" from "Hierarch/God Venerate - Early Stage".[8]
  • Jiang Chen freed her from Yun Geyao's control, but she lost her memory. She said that in this life she trusts only Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu. (Ch. 3365-67)
  • She recovered her memories when she reached God Emperor Realm.[9]