He was tall and well proportioned. He wore a black robe, and the smile on his sharp face was extremely charming.


He has arrived in Evil Abyss ten years ago with the purpose of conquering the entire Evil Abyss and wiping out the whole Evil Clan, but because the demonic devils being deeply rooted in here and the environment is extremely favorable to them, it was impossible to get rid of them completely. But unexpectedly, we have the skills to subdue those demonic devils of the Evil Clan and our skills could even greatly suppress them. As such, as long as we cooperate, the wish of unifying the whole Evil Abyss will be realized soon.


  • Milky Way Hangs Nine Heavens


Realm Chapter Combat Prowess
16 - Immortal King
Early Stage 1259 +0,5 Stage
Middle Stage 1374 +1 Stage
Late Stage 1375 +1 Stage
17 - Immortal Emperor
Half-Step Immortal Emperor 1429 +1 Stage
Early Stage 1475 +1 Stage
Middle Stage 1617 +1 Stage
Late Stage 1660 +1 Stage
18 - Immortal Venerable
Half-Step Immortal Venerable 1840 +1 Stage
Early Stage 1867 +1 Stage
Middle Stage
Late Stage
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