He lusted after Yan Chenyu when he saw her in his father's restaurant so he asked his bodyguards to bring her to him but [Jiang Chen] cut their hands and killed them then he stuck two chopsticks into Yin Ren's eyes blinding him.

Yin Zhongcheng came after his son used a talisman to call him out but Han Yan intervened.

He died by accident when Big Yellow and Jiang Chen were destroying the mayor's mansion after Yin Zhongcheng came to seek revenge.


At this moment, four men entered the restaurant. The one in the lead was a fat guy in his twenties. His face was very oily, and his hair was loosely arranged on his head. A pair of beady eyes kept rolling and looking around. He entered the restaurant with his back straight and the aura of a bully.

银仁 (Yin Ren) are the characters for his name, 银 (yin) means silver. 淫人 (also yin ren) means sex maniac / lewd person.

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