A little girl who was merely about twelve years old. She was in a brilliant clothing and her hair were tied with two pigtails, her skin was white as if it was crafted from a white jade. She looked pretty in her attire and had a face of a beauty, the attributes of an empress of a city.

She was attractive. It wasn't only because of her good-looking face, but also her grade. A girl as young as her has already reached the Ninth Grade Combat King, she was a natural-born-abnormal.

Immortal World

She had waist-length dark hair. There was a red mark that gave her an air of holiness branded in between her brows.

Her appearance alone was enough to match the unparalleled beauty of Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu.


Zuo Ling Er is very mature for her age, but not mentally. She is aggressive and determined whenever she gets into a fight and any conflict. Her personality is barbaric and doesn't know the meaning of gentle which can surprise people. She is also forthright in what she believes in and defended fellow lady disciple from a disgusting person. She admires Jiang Chen for his actions, abilities, and personality so much that she thinks and believes that he is a big brother, hybrid devil, and peerless war god.


  • Barbarous Eighteen Punches


Cultivation Ranks Chapter Combat Prowess
9th Grade Combat King 598 +1 Stages
2nd Grade Combat Emperor 659 +1 Stages
3rd Grade Combat Emperor 669 +1 Stages
5th Grade Combat Emperor 702 +1 Stages
Immortal Venerable Early Stage 1905 +2 Stages
1st Grade Immortal Sovereign 2068
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